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📱💻 Finer Things in Tech Newsletter ⌚️📺

Greetings to all you Finer Folks. I have a good handful of iOS and Mac tips for you this week, as wel
📱💻 Finer Tech Newsletter ⌚️📺
📱💻 Finer Things in Tech Newsletter ⌚️📺
By David Chartier • Issue #40 • View online
Greetings to all you Finer Folks. I have a good handful of iOS and Mac tips for you this week, as well as some good reads.
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📱 How to move multiple apps at once on iPhone and iPad
In iOS 11, Apple added a way to move multiple apps at once, even on the iPhone:
  • Tap and hold on an app to enter Jiggly Mode™
  • With a second finger, tap another app (**tap**, don’t press or move, as if you wanted to open and use it)
  • Tap as many apps as you want to move together
  • Move them, then let go
Note: On iPad, you can move individual apps without Jiggly Mode™. To move multiple apps, use the trick above.
📱 Afterlight 2 has a great Photos extension with filters, editing tools, text overlays, more
Afterlight 2 for iPhone and iPad has a powerful editing extension so you can do even more of your editing and stylizing right in Photos. This also means it takes advantage of Apple’s automatic backup and revisioning features, so you can roll back to the original any time down the road.
To use Afterlight 2’s app extension in Photos:
  • Tap a photo, then tap Edit
  • Tap the (…) button to view available editing extensions
  • If you need to enable the extension: swipe to the left, tap More, switch on Afterlight, tap Done
  • Tap the newly enabled Afterlight extension
  • Go nuts
📱 How to tag people in Photos on iPhone and iPad
We only recently gained the ability to tag people in Apple Photos on iPhone and iPad (the feature is called Faces). Tap any photo that contains faces, then swipe it up. Below the Effects bar (which has some fun stuff) should be a People section.
Tap any person Photos identified, and the next screen will offer more examples of that person. There should be a ‘Review’ option at the top. Tap that, and Photos will allow you to identify more photos to improve its automatic detection.
Bonus points: As of iOS 11 and High Sierra, Faces now sync between all your devices.
📱 3D Touch Reddit client Apollo for your favorite subreddits
Apollo for iPhone and iPad offers a bunch of extra features that makes using Reddit even better. One of my favorites is, well, favorites—you can mark subreddits with a star to float them to the top of your list.
Once you have a couple, Apollo then makes them available in its 3D Touch menu. Press firmly on its icon on an iPhone 6S or later, and you get even faster access to your favorite subreddits.
💻📱 Quickly take your Spotlight search to the web
Spotlight for Mac has a hidden shortcut for taking your search query to the web. It has a similar option on iOS, but it isn’t quite as fast.
Once you type something into Spotlight on a Mac, you can press Command+B to instantly open it as a search in your default browser and search engine.
On iOS, you can scroll all the way to the bottom of your search results for a “Search Web” button (as well as Search App Store and Search Maps).
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