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💻📱 Finer Tech Newsletter: Shortcuts, Fantastical, Safari, Apollo, Apple Card

📱💻 Finer Tech Newsletter ⌚️📺
💻📱 Finer Tech Newsletter: Shortcuts, Fantastical, Safari, Apollo, Apple Card
By David Chartier • Issue #81 • View online
Happy new year finer readers! I hope your holidays made you happy, and welcome to the first Finer Tech Newsletter of 2022.
I’ve had the fortune of being on vacation for the last two weeks, which meant plenty of time to spend with our new dog, Destiny raids, and movies with my wife.
I’ve been thinking about my goals in 2022, including where to take my writing and this newsletter. There are some fun ideas to map out, all involving more useful tips, productivity, and other kinds of content. Stay tuned.
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💡 Tips
💻 Monterey: Pin a Shortcuts menu in the Menu Bar
There are multiple ways to trigger Shortcuts on your Mac, including from a Menu Bar item:
  • Open Shortcuts > Preferences > Sidebar
  • Enable the Menu Bar section
  • Drag any to this new Sidebar section that you’d like to quickly access in the Menu Bar
  • Click the new Menu Bar item to use them
📱💻 iOS 15 Safari: Move tabs between Groups
The new Tab Groups feature in Safari is a great way to keep different tasks, projections, and anything else separate and synced between your devices. You can quickly move tabs between groups, too:
  • Right-click the tab
  • Choose Move to Tab Group, then the destination
iPhone and iPad
  • Long-tap on the address bar
  • Tap Move to Tab Group, then the destination
  • You can also tap the tabs button in the toolbar, then long-tap on any tab thumbnail for the same option
Note: In Safari for iPad, if you use the (controversial) new Compact Tab Bar view, pinch in on any webpage to get a tab thumbnail view, then long-tap any tab
📱💻 Fantastical: Quickly switch calendar sets from the main screen
Calendar Sets are one of my favorite features in Fantastical. You can switch between groups of calendars based on work or personal time, and even automate this change based on time and your location.
You can also quickly switch sets yourself:
  • Click Fantastical’s Menu Bar item
  • Click the Calendar Sets menu at the bottom of the panel
iPhone and iPad
  • The Calendar Sets menu is above the month and year display
  • Tap it
📱 iPad multitasking: Find apps with multiple windows
I’m so glad I found this tip. 
If you have multiple windows from an app open on your iPad, there’s a quick way to filter recent apps and view just the windows from that app. For example, say that among all your recent iPad apps, you have: 
  1. A Safari window open with Slack in Split View for work
  2. A second Safari window in Split View with Things for planning tasks, and
  3. A third Split View of Safari and Messages for discussing research with someone else
To filter all other apps out of the multitasking view and see just those three Safari instances:
  • Swipe up with four fingers on your iPad’s screen or Magic Trackpad for the app multitasking view
  • Find a Safari window, and it should have a tabs icon next to its window name
  • Tap that tabs icon to view all Safari windows, including Split Views with other apps
Check out this video from 9to5Mac for a longer example than my GIF. How cool is this!
📱 Apollo has a creative way to share Reddit comments
I use Reddit for a variety of reasons, including a mental health trick I wrote about on my personal blog. Reddit is one of the few places where sometimes (sometimes) reading the comments can actually be worth it.
If you stumble across a comment that is useful, wholesome, or otherwise worthy of sharing, third-party iOS client Apollo has a flexible, clever way to help:
  • Tap the (…) menu on any comment
  • Tap Share as image
A new tool appears with a screenshot of the comment and options to include the original post for context, hide usernames, and add a watermark. Tap share at the bottom of the tool for the system-wide iOS share sheet.
📱 Apple Card can automatically cycle your security code
Among a variety of clever Apple Card features is Advanced Fraud Protection, a way to boost the security of your card by periodically changing its three-digit security code. It’s off by default, so to enable it:
  • Open the Wallet app on your iPhone
  • Tap your Apple Card
  • Tap the 123 button at the top (you’ll have to authenticate with Face/Touch ID)
  • Tap to enable Advanced Fraud Protection
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🤩 Thanks for reading
How did you like this issue? Was it useful and bite-sized enough? Are there certain kinds of tips or apps you’d like to see here? Let me know what you think via email and Twitter.
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