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📱💻 Finer Tech Newsletter ⌚️📺 iPad Slide Over, Apple Pencil screenshots, Watch 101 tips, and more

📱💻 Finer Tech Newsletter ⌚️📺
📱💻 Finer Tech Newsletter ⌚️📺 iPad Slide Over, Apple Pencil screenshots, Watch 101 tips, and more
By David Chartier • Issue #64 • View online
Hi all you finer readers. I hope you all are staying safe, protesting safely, and taking care of your mental health. I’ve been able to get back to my bike rides around Chicago, socially distanced and masked where I should, of course. It helps.
This week I have a mix of iPad, app, and Apple Watch tips for you, as well as some good reads.
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💡 Tips
📱 A few quick Slide Over tips for multitasking on the iPad
First, put a few apps in Slide Over, one after the other.
  • Tap the bar at the bottom of Slide Over and swipe up a little to see around 6-8 most recent apps
  • You can also swipe that bar to quickly switch between them
  • As of iOS 13 (maybe 12?) you can shift the Slide Over app to the left side; it isn’t stuck on the right anymore
  • Cmd + Tab any of those apps to bring it to the forefront, even if Slide Over is hidden
  • If Slide Over is on the left, all tips mentioned here still work
📱 Use an Apple Pencil to take a screenshot on iPad, including full-page capture
Touch the Apple Pencil below the lower left or right corner of your iPad’s display. To be clear, I mean on the bezel, not the actual display.
Then, simply drag it up to the middle of the iPad screen to snap a screenshot, which will open the iOS Instant Markup feature. If you snapped a Safari webpage, a toggle at the top swaps between a simple screenshot or snapping the entire page (which will save it as a PDF).
As far as I can tell, that full page option only appears for Safari. I don’t see it when snapping other apps, or even in alternative browsers like Firefox.
📱 Navigate Fiery Feeds entirely with keyboard shortcuts
Fiery Feeds is one of my favorite newsreaders (it also recently launched a Mac version). I like its design and it is quite customizable. It supports a wide variety of reader services (I use Feedly, for now), but it’s also one of the few I’ve seen that doesn’t need one. Fiery Feeds can simply save your feeds and folders in your iCloud account.
One of the features I appreciate most in the iPad version is robust keyboard shortcut navigation. I have yet to run into something I wanted to do that lacked a shortcut. It’s great.
📱💻 Get the right workspace for brainstorming, planning with MindNode’s theme gallery
I’ve recently discovered the wonder of mind mapping ideas, posts, and projects with MindNode. One of my pleasant discoveries is MindNode’s theme gallery.
The right theme can make a subtle, but appreciated difference when working on multiple projects. You can also customize each project’s theme, which can be great for branding or dialing in your preferred workspace.
⌚️ Send a call to voicemail
Sure, when a call comes in, you could tap the red End button on your Watch’s face. But if you’re more of a button person, double-press the Side Button (not the Crown) to send the caller straight to voicemail.
⌚️ Switch to your last app(s)
From your Watch face, you can quickly switch to the last Watch app you used by double-pressing the Crown.
Once in that previous app, double-press the Crown again to switch to the other app you used before that one. Keep double-pressing to switch between those two apps.
🔗 Links
On the Finer Things in Tech website, I wrote about how many YouTube videos and genres have ballooned far beyond their necessary running time, thanks to ads.
Google killed brevity in YouTube videos, and we helped
How Reading Books Instead Of News Made Me A Better Citizen
Strap in for Dave Chappelle’s thoughts on the groundbreaking Black Lives Matters protests, the history of racism in America, and yes still a few jokes.
What If Working From Home Goes on … Forever?
🤩 Thanks for reading
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