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📱💻 Finer Tech Newsletter ⌚️📺 Hold calls, prioritize iOS downloads, Memoji stickers, and more

Hello all you Finer folks. Sorry it’s been such a long time between issues. Some personal issues have
📱💻 Finer Tech Newsletter ⌚️📺
📱💻 Finer Tech Newsletter ⌚️📺 Hold calls, prioritize iOS downloads, Memoji stickers, and more
By David Chartier • Issue #53 • View online
Hello all you Finer folks. Sorry it’s been such a long time between issues. Some personal issues have gotten in the way, and impromptu family visits also made things interesting. But in the words of Bender Bending Rodríguez: I’m back baby! 
To make it up to you, this is an extra long issue with extra tips and extra good reads.
I’d love to hear your thoughts on this issue or if there’s something you’d like to see covered in the future. If you know people who would enjoy this newsletter, I’ll owe you a beverage if you share this signup link and my Patreon link.

💡 Tips
📱 How to put a call on hold
We have long been able to mute ourselves on calls with iOS. But there’s a hidden way to also put our recipient(s) on hold: long-tap the Mute button. Anyone know how long this has been around?
📱 Long-tap the iOS screenshot preview to immediately share it
When you take a screenshot on recent versions of iOS, a small thumbnail of it will appear at the bottom of your screen before being saved to Photos.
You can tap this preview to open Apple’s Markup feature, which has a few tools to make edits and annotations. You can share the screenshot from Markup, then choose to save or delete it without having to dig into Photos.
If you just want to quickly share the screenshot, long-tap the thumbnail. The share sheet will appear whether you’re on the homescreen or in an app.
📱 How to use Animoji, Memoji as stickers
Apple introduced Animoji and Memoji with the iPhone X as a way to send video messages as your favorite cartoon fursona or a custom likeness you create of yourself. 
But you can also use these animated avatars as standard stickers:
  • In Messages, tap the Animoji button in the app bar (the icon is a grinning monkey)
  • Swipe the Animoji selector or create a Memoji, then tap the one you want to use
  • Strike your best facial expression, then simply tap the animated face in order to add that expression as a sticker to the conversation
  • Optional: you can also long-press on the face in order to create a sticker you can drag into a conversation and attach to an existing message (just like other regular stickers). Note: on iPad, Messages needs to be full screen; as of iOS 12, you cannot tap and drag a sticker when Messages is in Split View or Slide Over.
📱 3D Touch app to speed up, pause download
While iPad and iPhone update multiple apps, you can 3D Touch their icons to prioritize their download or pause them altogether. In my testing, this doesn’t work on devices that lack 3D Touch.
But I’ve found this works great on my iPhone X/XS Max when I reflexively tap “Update All” on a large batch of updates, but want to bump one or two apps to the front of the line.
📱💻 Slack tip: You can unsubscribe from threads
Threads in Slack are a great way to keep a conversation in a channel, yet not flood the main stream of conversation. But once you jump into a thread, you are immediately subscribed to notifications for replies to that thread.
Fortunately, you can unsubscribe from Slack threads. I wish Slack made this more obvious, but until then, all you need to do is type UNSUBSCRIBE in the thread. No forward slash command needed; in fact, I can’t get /unsubscribe to appear as a command.
💻 Apple Books can extend display sleep timer by 10 minutes when reading
Do you set your Mac’s display to dim or turn off pretty quickly? Do you also like to read Apple Books material on your Mac? There’s a preference that might make your reading time easier.
Check out Apple Books’ General preferences pane. There’s a Display Sleep option to “Extend by 10 minutes while reading.”
Shout out to Daniel Pasco for saving my butt with this screenshot. I took a bike ride today to finish this newsletter and only brought my iPad, but I couldn’t find the original screenshot I took. Daniel took a moment to hook me up.
🔗 Links
I think the App Store Today section is doing some pretty great work in highlighting not just apps, but what you can do with them. The below exploration of indoor urban landscape photography is a great example.
‎Photograph Indoor Urban Landscapes : App Store Story
Scientists Now Believe the Universe Itself May Be Conscious
Leonardo da Vinci’s Earliest Notebooks Now Digitized and Made Free Online: Explore His Ingenious Drawings, Diagrams, Mirror Writing & More
I’ve learned a lot about the awfulness of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and how they’ve turned a blind eye to violent organizations and misinformation. I want to get our online social spaces as far away from them as fast as possible, and the article below is a decent place to start. I understand none of this can happen overnight, but I strongly feel we have to start somewhere.
On that note, you can find me on Mastodon for social posts and PixelFed for photo sharing.
How to Find Ethical Alternatives to Almost Every App or Service
10 Photo Stories That Will Challenge Your View Of The World
This Is Silicon Valley
Canada’s Basic Income Trial Had a Huge Effect on People’s Health
🤩 Thanks for reading
How did you like this issue? Was it useful and bite-sized enough? Are there certain kinds of tips or apps you’d like to see here? Let me know what you think, and please help me spread the word about supporting Finer Things in Tech!
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