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📱💻 Finer Tech Newsletter ⌚️📺 #47

📱💻 Finer Tech Newsletter ⌚️📺
📱💻 Finer Tech Newsletter ⌚️📺 #47
By David Chartier • Issue #47 • View online
Hey everyone! The Finer Tech newsletter has been on hiatus for a bit while I was dealing with some personal stuff. I’m starting it up again, though I haven’t decided if it will remain weekly or switch to something like bi-weekly or monthly.
I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, the newsletter, or if there’s something you’d like to see covered in the future. If you know people who would enjoy this newsletter, I’ll owe you a beverage if you share this signup link and my Patreon link.

💡 Tips
This week is a mix of tips for iPad, iPhone, Mac, Watch, and iCloud.
📱 Share iCloud photos with a link
Thanks to iOS 12, iCloud Photo Library users can finally share one or more photos with a quick, simple link. Once you make your selection in Photos, tap the action sheet and find the Copy iCloud Link button in the bottom row of options. Whether you share a single or multiple photos, you’ll get a link to a page like this. Note that the link to your photos will expire in a month.
Sadly, I can’t find this option in macOS Mojave. Am I missing something?
💻 Apple Mail: Move a Mail account above your mailboxes
By default, Apple Mail puts your account(s) at the top of the sidebar. If you have multiple accounts, it collects all inboxes under a ‘Mailboxes’ heading. But you can move any of your accounts above that Mailboxes section to make them more accessible.
📱💻 Huge improvements to passwords, saving, and filling on Mac, iPad, and iPhone
In iOS 12 and macOS Mojave, Apple made huge strides to the way you create secure accounts and fill passwords. This even goes for third-party apps on iOS.
On Mac, Safari can now automatically recommend a random, secure password when signing up for services. It can automatically fill this login the next time you visit the site (and it even handles multiple logins now, too). This gets saved in your Mac’s keychain and synced to other devices as long as iCloud Keychain is enabled in Settings and System Preferences.
Your iPad and iPhone can also recommend strong passwords in Safari but also in third-party apps. Some apps might not be compatible yet, but I’m really impressed at all the apps iOS can fill my passwords. Look for the Passwords… button in the keyboard suggestion bar.
Bonus Points: On iOS, you can even bring third-party password managers like 1Password into the mix. Go to Settings > Passwords & Accounts > AutoFill Passwords, and tap the one(s) you want.
⌚️ Roll the Watch crown to slowly turn up the display
If you want to check your Apple Watch discretely, you can turn the crown to gradually raise the brightness on the screen. This is great for situations like seeing a movie, and maybe you enabled Theater Mode (which I recommend). This silences notifications and prevents the screen from turning on unless tapped. Roll the crown a little, and you can check the time without blinding everyone or drawing much attention.
📱 App switcher displays which app is playing audio
If you open the App Switcher on iPhone or iPad, a banner along the bottom will display which apps is playing audio. Tap it to go straight to that app.
Note: Handoff takes precedent here. Example: If you’re in Safari on your Mac, and you open the App Switcher on your nearby iPhone, that badge will be a Handoff option for the current Safari tab.
🔗 Links
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🤩 Thanks for reading
How did you like this issue? Was it useful and bite-sized enough? Are there certain kinds of tips or apps you’d like to see here? Let me know what you think, and please help me spread the word about supporting Finer Things in Tech!
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