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📱💻 Finer Tech Newsletter ⌚️📺 #44

Hey everyone! It’s been a bumpy week for me, as I’m still not over whatever dumb cold I picked up las
📱💻 Finer Tech Newsletter ⌚️📺
📱💻 Finer Tech Newsletter ⌚️📺 #44
By David Chartier • Issue #44 • View online
Hey everyone! It’s been a bumpy week for me, as I’m still not over whatever dumb cold I picked up last week. Never mind being sick, though. I have a glass of bourbon (I finished this last night), some great tips for iPhone, photography, iPad, and Mac, and some good reads. Let’s do this.
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💡 Tips
📱 The Today page of widgets on iPad and iPhone stays where you scroll in between uses
You can view your Today page of widgets on iPad and iPhone by swiping down from the top for Notification Center, then swiping right on it. I like to swipe the clock so I avoid triggering notifications. You can also swipe right from your first homescreen.
If you scroll the Today page, then exit to do something else, the page will remember your scroll position. If you toggle it again, you’ll be back at the widgets you were viewing.
This can be pretty useful for keeping certain kinds of information quickly accessible, yet out of your way. For example: at the top of my Today page are widgets for Things 3, Fantastical, and Launch Center Pro. Farther down, I have a widget for Carrot Weather. If I scroll to that and swipe away, I can quickly check the weather again later without having to open the full app.
📱 The iOS camera reads QR codes automatically now
As of iOS 11, you can point the default camera on an iPhone or iPad at a QR code. A notification will appear at the top of your screen, displaying the link or app the QR code wants to open. Tap that, and maybe QR codes can actually be useful now.
📱 A great iPhone tripod setup that I really like
I work at home, but I often put on pants like an adult and commute into downtown Chicago to either work out of a cafe or explore my city. This means I almost always have a compact tripod setup for my iPhone in my bag. If you’re in the market, I definitely recommend these:
  • BENRO Handheld Tripod 3-in-1: This is a small, expandable tripod that cleverly doubles as a selfie stick. It also includes a simple Bluetooth shutter remote that snaps into the handle.
  • GorillaPod: In case your photography does not always involve a flat surface, GorillaPods are a great tripod that can flex and adapt to just about anything. You can even wrap them around a poll and other surfaces and objects.
  • Glif: Some iPhone tripods include an actual mount for holding the phone (I believe both the BENRO and GorillaPod do). They’re ok, but most of them just use springs and hope to secure your phone. The Glif is on another level. It has a simple, painfully clever mechanism that fits nearly any phone, then a quick-snap lock to securely grip your phone.
📱 GIPHY finally made it to iPad
Forget bitcoin, GIFs are the currency of the 21st century, but they can be a pain to use and manage on an iPad. GIPHY for iPhone has been out for quite a while, and it even has an iMessage app.
Finally, finally, GIPHY has come to the iPad. It’s iMessage app came along, and it supports all manner of Split View, Slide Over, and drag-and-drop. You can drop GIFs into iMessage, Twitter, email—you name it. This makes me happy.
💻 Safari: Trigger picture-in-picture for video with the Touch Bar
If you use Safari on a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, you can quickly move a supported video into Picture in Picture mode. Once the video starts playing, the Touch Bar changes to offer video controls. One of the default buttons is Picture in Picture mode. I find it quite useful.
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